“So, tell me about yourself.”

CB2C9EB3-02FC-475C-BE6D-9A30FB4B51BFMy name is Becky Binns, and I’m a marketing communications professional who dabbles in just about everything that falls under that vague umbrella term. Right-brained by nature, left-brained by nurture.

By day, I am a Media Planner/Buyer. My expertise is in digital channels, but I am well-versed in all things TV, Radio, OOH, and print. Within my agency, I take the lead on every incoming paid media project, from the new biz/brainstorming phase, through execution/trafficking, and all the way into management, analysis, and reporting.

But wait—there’s more! “Other duties as assigned” have given me the opportunity to take on responsibilities as a copywriter, project manager, account executive, production assistant, event planner, fundraiser, and model over the years. What can I say? I like to get involved. With a writing-intensive educational background, a flair for performance, and a burning desire to talk to everyone all the time, these things happen.

By night (and over the weekends), you’ll find me supporting the figure skating community on a local, regional, national, and even international level. In my youth, I was a nationally-recognized competitive athlete. As an adult, I’ve transitioned to roles as a U.S. Figure Skating Official (Regional Singles/Pairs Judge), Vice President of the Wisconsin Figure Skating Club, and Learn-to-Skate instructor at the rink where I first learned how to skate.

Beyond that, I am likely to be spotted scream-singing from the front row at concerts of all genres (except country), considering whether or not I should invest in another Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette, making obscure pop culture references, or laughing loudly with whoever’s around.

How about you?