“So, tell me about yourself.”

IMG_4752 - Version 3My name is Becky Binns. After trying two different colleges and testing three different degree options (Art, English, Theater), I found my path and graduated cum laude from Marquette University with a degree in Communication Studies and minors in PR and English.

People fascinate me. They always have. I took extra research classes in college to get an in depth view of target audiences, MRI databases, crosstab reports, and more. My heart skips a beat when I can start identifying trends between varying demographic data points. This is what led to my paid media-focused marketing life.

It started with a marketing internship at a small, local agency. Working with only a few people allowed me to take the lead on projects and self-teach. It continued with a media internship, followed by a full time media coordinator position at a midsize, Midwest advertising agency. I gained media buying and planning experience with all the traditional media types, as well as digital.

As I trotted down the path to paid media stardom, I stopped and realized that the road I was on was too narrow. I enjoyed what I was doing, and I was really starting to develop skills in areas that did not come naturally to me (i.e. budgeting!). However, while I was letting that part of me grow and thrive, I was letting my natural talents—writing, presenting, creative thought—shrivel away. It was time to move on to bigger opportunities.

I went corporate and delved into the world of eCommerce. I held the same title, but I began to branch out. I wrote copy. I expressed ideas. I put creative solutions to the test as campaigns in the social stratosphere. I got the opportunity to work with more teams as I delved into affiliate partnerships, paid search, and feeds. My responsibility increased, and I soon became the manager for the digital channel while performing AdWords keyword audits to assist our agency with optimization and efficiency in paid search.

When that organization announced a massive layoff that included the elimination of the entire marketing team, I had the perfect opportunity to find a bigger role that would continue utilizing all the skills I had picked up, along with the skills I always had. I landed a role as a Media Planner at an agency in the Third Ward. At this higher level, I have the opportunity to pair my intense organizational and budgeting skills with my creative and communication skills. I get to fully handle and execute every project from start to finish, and I could not be more excited.

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