“So, tell me about yourself.”

CB2C9EB3-02FC-475C-BE6D-9A30FB4B51BFMy name is Becky Binns, and I’m a vibrant marketing communications professional who has touched upon just about everything that vague umbrella term brings to mind.

For the first decade of my career, I worked my way up the ranks in the wild world of paid media. My expertise was rooted in digital channels, but I became well-versed in all things TV, Radio, OOH, and print. Eventually, I found myself taking the lead on every incoming paid media project, from the new biz/brainstorming phase, through execution/trafficking, and all the way into management, analysis, and reporting.

However, due to a writing-intensive educational background, a flair for performance, and a burning desire to talk to everyone all the time, I dabbled heavily in the “other duties as assigned” part of my media positions. Agency experience as a copywriter, project manager, account executive, production assistant, event planner, fundraiser, and actor/model made me realize I needed to take on a position with a wider scope.

Cue my current job as a Senior Account Lead: a role in the client services field. I get the pleasure of guiding others through the Great Marketing Journey™—putting together the right team, the right approach, and the right timeline to get us through to the final destination.

Outside of work, you’ll find me supporting the figure skating community on a local, regional, national, and even international level. In my youth, I was a nationally-recognized competitive athlete. As an adult, I’ve transitioned to roles as a U.S. Figure Skating Official (Regional Singles/Pairs Judge), Vice President of the Wisconsin Figure Skating Club, and Learn-to-Skate instructor at the rink where I first learned how to skate.

Beyond that, I am likely to be spotted scream-singing from the front row at concerts of all genres (except country), considering whether or not I should invest in another Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette, making obscure pop culture references, or laughing loudly with whoever’s around.

How about you?