How Pinteresting!

Imagine a world where delectable recipes, cute do-it-yourself crafts, phenomenal fan art, memorable quotes, and life-saving wedding planning tips are organized into neat little boards that are easily accessed and shared among your friends.  Well, this world exists, and it is called Pinterest.

Identified as a “virtual pinboard,” Pinterest is “a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.”  Pinterest can connect to the Twitter or Facebook accounts of their users to draw friends from and expand one’s Pinterest community.  In addition to allowing users to peruse the pins their friends have added to their boards, Pinterest provides an easy-to-install “Pin It” button which allows its users to conveniently find pictures or recipes on other sites and, as the button implies, pin it to one of their boards.  Below are a few examples of the fun things to be discovered on this social media site:


Naturally, the million dollar question is: How can such a magical place be used for PR?

This B2C website boasts about the consumer interests and the sheer amount of traffic that Pinterest receives.  How can companies harness this power?  Tip #1 from this creative agency is to make sure that your products are “pinnable”.  The easier it is to pin your product, the more likely it is that others will catch on and repin your products.  With the mass amounts of traffic that Pinterest receives, as long as your product gets pinned, it will be sure to receive recognition.

The more creative you can be with your product, the more likely it is that it will catch on.  Pinterest is all about DIY products and cutesy-creative crafts that can be easily replicated.  Can your product be used to brighten up a room?  Display it in a way that will be attractive for pinners.

Personally, I quite enjoy Pinterest.  This may be due to the fact that I am a social media addict, but it truly is a fantastic site.  It certainly doesn’t compare to Facebook or Twitter, but then again, it isn’t supposed to.  It’s a way for people to flex the muscles in their right brain and discover new things.  For example, through Pinterest, I discovered a lovely website that offers a plethora of low-priced boots.  It would not have happened without Pinterest!  I am forever grateful.  Thanks, Pinterest!

5 thoughts on “How Pinteresting!

  1. Becky I enjoyed reading your Pinterest blog. It is great that you put pictures along with your text so it is more personal and we can see what you like to pin. The apple cup project looks yummy and it is such a fun idea.

  2. I don’t have a Pinterest but I admit that I think it would be worth having. It kind of reminds me of tumblr in a way with the repinning aspect. I never really thought of Pinterest as B2C either but now that you’ve pointed it out it totally is. I think it would be interesting to look into what makes a post “pinnable.”

  3. I’m so obsessed with pinterest. Not only is it a great procrastination tool, but the products and website you come across through this platform is truly incredible! I wish I was genius enough to come up with such a great site. Awesome post!

  4. This was a really well written blog post! I too chose to write about Pinterest..I might actually have an obsession with it. When I interned with a PR firm last summer, they asked me to create a Pinterest account for them because they knew I was pretty savy in that department. So it looks like our love for pinning our favorite things can actually be useful and make us stand out in the social media world!

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