Online Portfolio

Media (2015 and earlier)

  1. Display Vendor Analysis and Recommendation (PowerPoint available upon request): After arriving at BuySeasons, I unearthed an opportunity to optimize our budget by shifting dollars away from an inefficient channel to an acquisition partner that could feed into our retargeting plan. After reviewing proposals and completing analyses on my own, I presented my top two picks to the head of marketing, along with my ultimate recommendation.
  2. Weekly Reporting Instruction Manual (full manual available upon request): Throughout my time in paid media, I have been given the opportunity to instruct others. I do my best to be as detailed as possible, as seen with this preview of an instruction manual I created for a coworker last year.

Social Media (2013 and earlier)

Social media is certainly an obsession of mine, which is why it quickly became my most endorsed skill. I make it a point to stay up-to-date with social media changes. Proteus Packaging needed their LinkedIn company page to be recreated to fit with the new layout that was introduced in fall of 2012. I changed it from being completely void of information to looking like this.

In 2012, I redesigned CRL’s main Twitter page as well as their 16 individual independent/assisted living home accounts after the introduction of the header photo! This was also the infamous project that was only supposed to bring in $350, but thanks to the research I did in advance, we were able to add more to the project and actually bring in $1,265!

I also created a Google+ page for Provade and taught the Primum Marketing team how to properly navigate G+.

Writing Samples (2013 and earlier)

Writing is one of my passions. Aside from my personal blog, here are some samples that give you a taste of my writing style in a few different situations.

  1. Creative Brief: When Primum needs Monarch Creative to do design work, they send them a brief to try and describe their vision as clearly as possible. This is an example of one of the many successful briefs I wrote for them during my time there.
  2. Guest Blogging for Marquette’s Career Service Center: My job as a Financial Literacy Peer Educator at Marquette necessitated extensive research regarding budgeting, credit, investments, and more. As I learned, I became increasingly aware of the innocent mistakes that people make in regards to their funds. The Office of the Bursar asked me to write an article about it for the Career Service Center’s blog, and I was happy to oblige.
  3. Eminem and Bigger Thomas, the racialization paper: For my final project in my “Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in American Literature and Culture” class, I wrote what my instructor, Jodi Melamed, praised as a “compelling and original analysis of white rapper Eminem as a kind of Bigger Thomas in the 21st century”. Because it was a final project, it’s a bit lengthy. However, I’m posting it because it truly is a fun and interesting paper. Additionally, it is a great testament to my creativity (we got to pick our topic/argument) and cultural awareness.

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